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I've seen all the hate around me,

I was a part of it,

everything, every soul around me was dark,

there was an endless darkness,

without light, wihout hope,

a deep darkness,

not even a star in it,

it was hopeless,

I feel lonely,

I am still a part of the endless hate and the endless darkness,

I am waiting for a star that's gonna fight the darkness

I stopped asking questions,

there are no answers,

not for me, not in this

hopeless dark world,

in this dark life,

that's not the life that I wanted but I am

a part of it,

I don't know how I cant get out of this darkness,

I am waiting for the one and only star

that will bring light in my soul, in my heart,

I've been waiting for so long,

I don't want it to be so dark,

but there's no hope for light,

I have to wait,

I have to be a part of the hate and the darkness,

but for how long?

I have to wait and see

I've seen it coming up like this,

it's just hopeless,

it's endless,

it's forever,

that's the true life,

that's the world that I live in

it's hopeless
  Дизайн (С) 2000 АК
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